IX Innovation
Incubated by IntuitiveX
IX Innovation is an Intellectual property (IP) engine for the creation and monetization of original IP in the surgical landscape.
The problem
Currently, there is a lack of a consolidated system for medical IP creation and monetization. This issue is exacerbated by a growing gap between medical professionals and IP experts collaborating with each other. This lack of cohesion leads to a slow commercialization process for medical technology startups. Further complicating matters, the lengthy patent approval process impedes medical innovators' ability to transform their ideas from concepts into marketable products.
IX Innovation is an IP creation and monetization engine based on the same model as our previous successful venture, Navlab, with the same principals of that company with the additions of more surgeons and IP experts which has produced phenomenal returns thus far (IRR 193%).

IX Innovation utilizes an IP engine (finding white spaces, corporate landscaping and IP protection, all done in house) and melds that with our surgical entrepreneurship (through Dr. Roh and his colleagues) to create and then monetize medical technology IP (specifically focused on Robotics, AI, Telesurgery etc) through sales, licensing or by creating start ups, or seeding existing start ups with our IP. Through our success with Navlab we have managed to establish contacts with all the major spine and robotics companies, three of which have already purchased our IP and we consider as partners moving forward. IX Innovation will leverage these relationships to monetize assets within Innovation LLC IP. IX Innovation will be fast tracking all their IP through the USPTO to ensure quick issuance (Navlab has averaged just 14 months from file to issuance vs the typical 3.5 years) to create a much better ROI.

By finding the “White Spaces” in human surgery, the IX Innovation team strategically creates IP portfolios covering all aspects of human surgery including:

  • Robotic and Hybrid Surgery Telesurgery
  • AI in the Surgical Tool/Edge
  • Electrosurgery
  • Realtime Operation Insight Engines
  • Third Eye
The team
CEO: Justin Esterberg, MD
CMO: Jeffrey Roh, MD, MBA
COO: Simon Robinson, MBA
CLO: Mark Han, Esq.
Strategic advisor

John Cronin: IP Capital Group