Novapproach Spine
Graduated from IntuitiveX (Exited)
New surgical approach: Changing anterior lumbar spine surgery for the better
The anterior lumbar approach to the lumbar spine (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion – ALIF) is commonly used for its benefits in fusion rate and excellent ability to properly restore the alignment of the spine. NovApproach Spine is developing anterior approaches and implants designed to make spine surgery easier, safer and more efficient for better patient outcomes and satisfaction. Their new patent-pending technique offers access to all lumbar levels in a single-position anterior surgery ideal for multilevel lumbar interbody fusion cases including L5/S1.

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The problem
Anterior lumbar spine surgery provides the preferred access for many fusion cases. But reaching multiple spinal levels often requires either long incisions on the patient’s abdomen, or a time-consuming and costly change in the patient’s position on the table during surgery.
Our solution
Blending a novel technique and implant with traditional and time-tested access, NovApproach Spine’s patent-pending anterior approach uniquely enables the surgeon to reach all lumbar spinal levels without a long incision or changing the patient’s position on the table. The technique is readily appreciated, adopted and covered under current reimbursement policy. Highly versatile implants in development will complement this technique, as well as conventional approaches, in even the most challenging cases.
The market
Total Available Global Market Spine:
  • $9.3 Billion
Serviceable Available Market (first product):
  • $1.4 Billion
Beachhead Market:
  • $629 Million
The team
Founder & CEO: Raymond Cloutier
COO: Ron Green
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Michael MacMillan
Technical and Regulatory Advisor: Dawn Lissy
Sales & Marketing Advisor: Michael Wefers
Business Advisor: Ross Sylvia
Technical and Business Advisor: Andy Choi
Medical Advisor: Jeff Roh, MD