Proven acceleration of startups
IntuitiveX is very selective of the clients it takes on, we choose to work with startups that are ready to take their companies to the next level and can keep up with our rigorous standards.
Proven acceleration of global startups
IntuitiveX is very selective of the clients it takes on, we choose to work with startups that are ready to take their companies to the next level and can keep up with our rigorous standards.
Proven acceleration of global startups
Clients & Partners
The Korea SMEs & Startups Agency (KOSME) is a non-profit, government-funded organization established to implement government policies and programs for the sound growth and development of Korean SMEs. KSC Seattle works closely with KOSME to allow Korean startups to commercialize and scale
within Washington State.

Secured a $250,000 contract to launch a bio+healthcare
accelerator program alongside the University of Washington
CoMotion and Washington Technology Industry Association.
Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization (OBIO®) founded in 2009, is a not-for-profit, membership based organization engaged in strategy, programming, policy development and advocacy to further the commercialization of Ontario’s human health science companies positioning Ontario as a leader in the international
marketplace. OBIO® advances this goal through collaborative
partnerships with industry, the investment community, academia,
patients and government. OBIO engaged 4 Canadian startups to
work directly with IntuitiveX.
Incorporated in 2006, Curexo Inc. is a South Korea based company that developed the world’s first fully automatic surgical robot. The company took over the healthcare services sector of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. to build the R&D manufacturing sales line, secure the nation’s best research staff,
and is striving to be the top surgical robotic company in the world.
H-Robotics is a South Korean based Developer of a rehabilitation device intended to enhance the lack of rehabilitation manpower supply and to reduce the economic burden of patients. The company's rehabilitation device is linked to a cloud-based remote rehabilitation treatment technology where it is possible to respond
quickly to the need for remote treatment, which is rapidly emerging
with the recent coronavirus epidemic as well as intensive
rehabilitation, enabling patients to get treatment for all four
rehabilitation areas of elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles, as well
as patients with neurological diseases such as musculoskeletal
diseases and strokes, providing a range of rehabilitation exercises
using a single device.
Relevant Portfolio & Company Successes
Amplify Surgical
In 2017, four neurosurgeons had a vision to create a spinal implant company singularly focused on producing innovative products that could allow them to perform spinal fusions on an outpatient basis. They approached IntuitiveX with their vision, and ultimately, Amplify Surgical was born.

  • IX identified, pursued, and brokered extra technology assets and IP to more than double the company’s value from $3MM to $7MM
  • With our help, Amplify Surgical was able to obtain FDA approval in 120 days
  • Oversubscribed both Seed round of $1.3M in less than 8 weeks and Series A round of $6.3M within 12 weeks
Since then, Amplify Surgical has completed over 1400+ surgical cases and expanded its presence in the U.S. with 85+ hospitals in over 35+ states.
Altpep is a peptide-based platform used to diagnose and neutralize toxic precursors to amyloid diseases. AltPep approached IX with a wealth of clinical, research, and IP, but little experience in fundraising, investor relations, or business management. In just 3 months, IX was able to facilitate meetings with strategic investors and raise over $1M. IX created a sophisticated investor deck with a financial pro forma, effectively communicating the technicality and potential of the company. To date, AltPep has raised over 23.1M in Series A financing. Recently, AltPep received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation.
IX Innovation LLC
IX Innovation LLC, a medical IP creation and monetization company based in Seattle, WA. IX Innovation LLC was formed based on the success of NavLab which achieved an IRR of 197% (conservatively) thus far and uses white space analysis and surgical expertise to find unique commercial opportunities. IntuitiveX helps commercialize medical intellectual property through proprietary IP spinouts, IP licensing, and IP sales. Given IntuitiveX’s track record for generating and selling novel IP, our team of world-renowned surgeons, IP experts, and entrepreneurs have developed a growing pipeline of buyers interested in our IP assets. IX Innovation LLC raised $900,000 for their seed round within two weeks and oversubscribed by $400,000.
Chiral Surgical
Chiral Surgical developed the first commercially-available spine and orthopedic system for left-handed surgeons. Through the innovative development process under IntuitiveX, Chiral Surgical was able to rapidly design and develop a first-in-class surgical system. In Sept 2019, Chiral Surgical announced a formal acquisition agreement with CTL Amedica, leading medical device development and manufacturing company for $100,000.​​
Navlab is a strategic IP development company focused on improving surgical workflows and patient outcomes continue to demonstrate its ability to create and generate demand for new intellectual property in the life sciences. After issuing its first IP within 18 months, (industry standard is 3 years) it recently sold 2 of its 12 IP assets to a publicly-traded medical device company and is currently in discussions for the sale of another.
Precisive Surgical
In collaboration with portfolio company Precisive Surgical, IntuitiveX co-developed new IP, then facilitated an acquisition with Carlsmed in August 2019 to create AI-driven personalized patient-specific surgical plans and devices for spinal implants. This resulted in a first-in-class implantation of a 3D-printed implant customized by a surgical system that analyzes patient-specific images, provides accurate surgical calculations, and fully personalized implant selection. As of January 2020, the merger between Carlsmed/Precisive, now named Carlsmed closed and over-subscribed on their seed round. Carlsmed has since gone on to raise $12.5M in financing and has received FDA breakthrough device designation.
Transpara + Zebra Health
Zebra Health Solutions is a digital health company that offers end-to-end implementation, logistics, and support along with a variety of customizable testing options. Recently, Zebra Health has been supporting enterprises and schools with the management of COVID. Their COVID-19 testing solutions are customized for organizations large and small to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure businesses and schools remain open. To date, Zebra Health works with Shield Illinois, University of Illinois System, American Camp Association, and school districts throughout Illinois to monitor the spread of COVID-19.