Green Sky Creations
Incubated by IntuitiveX
Enabling the future of human psychoactive interactions by solving challenges related to the design and delivery of cannabis- and psychedelic-centric therapeutic and wellness products
Who we are
Green Sky was created to develop technology and intellectual property for our evolving world. We set out to proactively invent the future of medicine and wellness in ways we care about rather than simply waiting for our vision to materialize. Our goal is to grow the future now.

We trust in our data and vision—not dogma. In fact, we tend to probe dogma as a source of intelligence. Common knowledge and convention present opportunity for constructive disruption. At Green Sky, we make things happen—and we leave passive “blue-skying” to others.
The problem
We currently face a mental health catastrophe of global proportions. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported a worldwide spike in the prevalence of anxiety and depression diagnoses to the tune of 25% in 2021 that has not let up to the current day. The causes are multifactorial and complex. But numerous stressors, both physical and psychological, exist now at a magnitude not experienced by previous generations.
Green Sky is helping to create a toolbox of pharmacological tools that assist the body and mind in rejuvenating and acclimating to challenging and novel environments. Throughout history, humans have harnessed the fruits of our shared botanical world to solve health and wellness challenges and to evolve for greener pastures. Green Sky is helping humanity take the next step.
The team
We are a team of scientists, doctors and intellectual property professionals who care about humanity…now and tomorrow.
7 Patents Granted

Cannabinoid and Psychoactive Beverage Containers
1. Active Beverage Containers
2. Active Beverage Containers - Method [Appl. #: 18/065,710]

Safer Flavored Vape Devices
3. Decoupled Flavor Vape

Controlled Administration of Psychoactive Substance via the Airway
4. Administration of Psychoactive Substances During Sleep

Multi-Stage Dosage Units for Cannabinoids
5. Multi-Stage Dosage Formats
6. Multi-Stage Dosage Formats - Systems [Appl. #: 18/077,853]
7. Multi-Stage Dosage: Opioid Tapering With Cannabinoids [Appl. #: 18/540,760]