Collecting Subjective Patient Data Made Easy: Introducing IX Innovation's Patent 11,515,044
System For Administering A Qualitative Assessment Using An Automated Verbal Interface

Welcome to the future of telemedicine, where the limitations of distance and time are no longer barriers to quality healthcare. Enter Patent 11,515,044, which provides a way for medical professionals to assess patients, particularly in obtaining subjective patient data. This patent is a game changer for medical device startups, mid-size companies, and large corporations alike, offering numerous benefits that make it a valuable asset for the future of the medical device industry.

patent CLAIMS
Using artificial intelligence and data observed using sensors or imaging devices to prompt a patient to provide responses or perform actions and then observing the patient's responses to the prompts and performing an assessment resulting in a quantitative result. The quantitative result is then used to complete a clinical qualitative assessment of the patient.
Why Is This Patent Valuable?

As telemedicine continues to grow, technologies that facilitate remote patient assessment will become increasingly valuable. By investing in this patent, you can position your company to be at the forefront of this exciting future.
  • Efficiency
    This patent addresses the bottleneck in patient care by reducing the burden on healthcare providers. It enables automated, consistent, and clear instructions to patients, and uses sensors to measure patient responses. This eliminates the need for a trained professional to be present for every diagnostic assessment, freeing up valuable resources and time.
  • Standardization
    The technology ensures that measurements are standardized, making them more consistent and comparatively useful. This standardization is crucial in the medical field, where consistent and accurate data is key to effective treatment.
  • Facilitating Telemedicine
    The patent enhances the capabilities of telemedicine by enabling remote qualitative assessments. This is particularly important in the current era where remote healthcare is becoming increasingly necessary due to factors such as the global pandemic, geographical barriers, and the need for timely healthcare access.
  • Machine Learning Integration
    The patent includes the use of a machine learning model that can be trained on medical data. This allows the system to improve over time and adapt to different patients and conditions, making it a powerful tool for personalized medicine.

  • Versatility of Sensors
    The system can generate motion data from a variety of wearable sensors or imaging sensors. This versatility allows the system to be used in a wide range of settings and for a wide range of patients.

  • Diagnostic Capability
    The system can determine a diagnosis for the patient based on the qualitative assessment score. This includes indicating a medical condition and a probability that the medical condition is present, providing valuable information for further medical intervention.
  • Potential for Continuous Improvement
    The system can determine whether additional qualitative assessments are needed, allowing for continuous monitoring and improvement of patient care.
  • Addressing Healthcare Bottlenecks:
    he patent addresses a major bottleneck in healthcare - the limited availability of medical professionals to perform diagnostic assessments. By automating the process of administering qualitative assessments, the system reduces the burden on healthcare providers, allowing them to serve more patients and focus on those with critical needs.
Invest in IX Innovation's Patent 11,515,044
Investing in Patent 11,515,044 supports the future of telemedicine by enhancing efficiency, standardization, remote access, and integrating machine learning in healthcare assessments.
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