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Simplifying and modernizing the process of tooth preparation
We’ve set out to simplify and modernize the process of tooth preparation, with technology that makes it more accurate and cost effective for clinicians and their patients.

Having a crown fitted can be frustrating for patients and dentists, with valuable time and resources being taken up, and too much room for error. DigiPrep Dental has devised the world’s first completely digital tooth preparation solution with a fully patented process.
The problem
Poor tooth preparations lead to a number of dental problems:
  • Loosening of crown
  • Crown cracking
  • Removal of crown
  • Further damaged teeth
Current tooth preparations are:

SLOW – They require multiple patient visits and numerous steps to be performed by both the dentist and the laboratory.
COMPLEX – They require extensive knowledge, training and skill to perform them proficiently.
INACCURATE – Preparations are performed manually by the dentist and many mistakes go undetected until failures occur.
INEFFICIENT – Poor tooth preparations lead to increased cost due to remakes, additional patient visits, and added materials.

Improving the consistency of tooth preparations benefits both the patient and the dentist by reducing failures, decreasing overall cost and increasing productivity and overall satisfaction.

Typical Tooth Preparation
Number of visits: Up to 4
Time to prepare tooth: Up to 2 hours per tooth
Time fitting crown: Up to 1 hour
Accuracy detection: Manual/Visual
Percentage of remakes: Up to 6%
Our solution
Our patented process improves the consistency of tooth preparations, which benefits both the patient and the dentist by reducing failures, decreasing overall cost, and increasing overall satisfaction. Dental labs benefit as well, by taking advantage of this new technology.

Patented DigiPrep Dental process allows us to:
  • Utilize current digital technology (Intra-Oral Scanning (IOS), CAD/CAM design, milling/printing)
  • Utilize dental laboratory partners to deliver a state of the art, fully integrated digital work flow
  • Offer a complete digital tooth preparation and restoration solution
  • Eliminate complete patient visit
  • Minimize chair time by reducing preparation time
  • Improve fit and function of crown due to precision of tooth preparation
  • Provide a cost and time effective solution dentists can market to their patients
The market
In 2016, over 15 million people in the U.S. had crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth.
  • Total value of US market estimated over $600 million
  • Market estimated to be $4.57 billion in 2016
  • Predicted to rise to $6.62 billion by 2021. (CAGR of 7.96%)
  • Estimated to be over 2 million veneers placed each year in the US
  • Estimated 2+ million crowns placed
  • Over 6,500 Pediatric Dentists in the US
Raising $950,000 Seed for:
● Software Development
● Hardware Development & Prototyping
● Clinical Studies
● DigiPrep Dental Brand Development
The team
CEO: Andy Choi, MBA
CTO: Michael Collins, MBA
CFO: Charles Zahl, MBA
CLO: Mark Han, Esq.
Scientific advisory board
Lina Kim, DDS, PS
Joel Berg, DDS, MS