Potency in Every Pour: Introducing Green Sky Creation's Patent 11,548,703
Cannabinoid And Alkaloid Beverage Containers, And Associated Devices, Systems, And Methods

Welcome to the future of the beverage industry, where innovation meets practicality. We present Patent 11,548,703, a game-changer for the way we consume beverages, particularly those infused with cannabinoids and alkaloids. This patent addresses the issue of degradation or loss of active ingredients in beverages before consumption. Such degradation often results in underwhelming effects and adversely affects consumer enjoyment. By tackling this issue, our patent paves the way for the development of more effective and reliable cannabinoid-infused beverages. This innovation holds immense potential not only for startups, mid-size, and large beverage companies, but also for the future of the cannabinoid and beverage industry as a whole.
Problem: The beverage industry has long grappled with the challenge of maintaining the potency of active ingredients in beverages, such as cannabinoids and alkaloids, from the point of manufacturing to consumption. Over time, these active ingredients degrade, leading to a decrease in their concentration and, consequently, their intended effects. This inconsistency in the concentration of active ingredients can lead to an underwhelming consumer experience and increased production costs due to the need for overages to ensure the desired effect.

Solution: Our patented technology addresses these issues head-on. It introduces a beverage container design that ensures the consistent concentration of active ingredients from the time of manufacturing to the point of consumption. The patented container includes an interior liner that is infused with the active ingredient. When the beverage is dispensed into the container, the liner dissolves, releasing the active ingredient into the beverage. This approach ensures a consistent and potent dose of the active ingredient at the point of consumption, enhancing the consumer experience and reducing the risk of improper dosing.
Why Is This Patent Valuable?

As the beverage and cannabinoid industry changes, this patent offers a solution to one of the biggest challenges in the production of cannabinoid and alkaloid-infused beverages - maintaining the potency of cannabinoids from manufacturing to consumption
  • Consistent Dosing:
    The patent addresses the challenge of maintaining a consistent concentration of active ingredients (cannabinoids and/or alkaloids) in the beverage from the time of manufacturing to consumption. This is a significant issue in the industry as the concentration of active ingredients can decrease over time, leading to inconsistent dosing and consumer experiences.
  • Cost-Effective Production:
    The patent can potentially reduce production costs by minimizing the amount of active ingredients needed to ensure the desired effect. This is achieved by controlling the release of active ingredients at the point of consumption, reducing the need for overages.
  • Safety and Enjoyment
    The patent helps prevent consumers from consuming a greater amount of active ingredients than expected, which can lead to improper dosing and undesirable experiences. This is particularly important given the psychoactive properties of some cannabinoids.
  • Preservation of Active Ingredients
    The patented container design prevents active ingredients from migrating into the container's liner, which can lead to a loss of active ingredients and the displacement of potentially harmful molecules, such as metal ions.
  • Stability of Beverages
    The patent addresses significant stability challenges associated with maintaining cannabinoids and/or alkaloids in an emulsified state within a liquid, simplifying the beverage manufacturing process.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    By dosing active ingredients via a beverage container, the regulatory compliance for companies producing such beverages may be simplified as the dosing can be performed at a separate location or isolated to the filling or bottling portion of the production line.
  • Consumer Convenience
    The container design allows consumers to mix the active ingredient with the beverage immediately before consumption, improving the consistency of the dose and reducing the likelihood of improper dosing.
  • Protection of Active Ingredients
    The container design includes features that prevent the active ingredients from contacting metal surfaces, thereby preventing degradation of the active ingredients and the formation of off-flavors in the beverage.
  • Innovation in Beverage Containers
    The patent represents a significant innovation in beverage container design, particularly for beverages infused with cannabinoids, alkaloids, and/or psychedelia compounds. This could potentially open up new markets and opportunities for beverage manufacturers.
Why You Should Invest in Green Sky Creation's Patent 11,548,703
Investing in Patent 11,548,703 promises to shape the way we consume beverages, particularly those infused with cannabinoids and alkaloids
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