Auctus Surgical
Incubated by IntuitiveX
Dynamic spinal tethering systems
Scoliosis affects an estimated 15 million children in the US. Auctus Surgical, Inc. was formed to develop novel orthopedic implants focusing on non-fusion scoliosis correction and limb lengthening. The products incorporate a dynamic magnetic technology permitting non-surgical adjustment of the implants over time.

Auctus has filed IP and begun development on a dynamic spinal tethering system for non-fusion growth modulation in pediatric scoliosis patients. This system employs a magnetically driven nonsurgical adjustment mechanism activated by an external controller. Auctus has also sub-licensed IP controlled by UCSF relating to a magnetically-driven growing rod technology. This technology development has led to two future product lines:

  • A magnetically growing intramedullary rod for limb lengthening in trauma and pediatric deformity
  • A magnetically growing rod for early onset scoliosis patients
The problem
Current pediatric scoliosis treatment options, have significant limitations. Bracing can slow progression, but does not correct the spine and is a long term treatment that poses psychological, social and emotional challenges at a critical stage in life. Fusion is irreversible, NO motion capability causes significant change in life activities, can create adjacent segment disease due to stress concentration and increased segmental motion leads to secondary operations in adulthood.
Our solution
Vertebral body tethering allows continued skeletal growth of spine, preserves partial motion, is a single treatment event, does not impact activity and has little impact on appearance.

Tethering has non-invasive adjustability where the system can be tensioned or loosened over time to manage growth. This actuation is achieved by an external controller.
Raising $1M seed investment to lead to a $5M series A for:
  • Prototype iterations
  • Cadaveric testing
  • Animal testing
  • Mechanical testing to support regulatory filing
The team
Founder & CEO: John Barrett, MBA
Co-Founder & CSO : Murali Kadaba, Ph.D.
Co-Founder VP R&D & Operations: John Ashley
Orthopedic MDs:
  • Mohammad Diab, MD
  • Neel Anand, MD
  • Dennis Crandall, MD