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IX Innovation Announces Issuance of Patent for Synchronized Placement Of Surgical Implant Hardware by the USPTO

IX Innovation, a medical IP creation and monetization company focused on inventing the future of human surgery, and portfolio company of IntuitiveX, today announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued U.S. patent 11,464,650 entitled ” Synchronized Placement of Surgical Implant Hardware ”. This patent is the second in a series of many robotic surgery related assets which will be issued over the course of the year.

The ’Synchronized Placement of Surgical Implant Hardware” patent relates to the use of surgical robotics to perform synchronized actions within surgical settings, particularly in the implementation of therapeutic devices. Traditionally, these solutions may have required multiple surgeons to coordinate their actions, that is if there were enough space for both surgeons to operate simultaneously. What is needed is a method of coordinating actions of multiple surgery robots or a single surgery robot with multiple robotic arms to perform coordinated actions within a confined space. Enabling surgical robots to automate synchronous surgical procedures can reduce adverse effects related to the more than 200 million conventional surgical interventions. The inventors on the patent include world renowned orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Roh.

“We are overjoyed at the pace that the USPTO has issued this patent. This issuance, along with many others we anticipate in the upcoming months, will solidify our company’s position as a leader in medical robotics intellectual property” commented Simon Robinson, Managing Partner of IX Innovation. “We now have secured this protection through at least 2042, the issued claims will offer crucial market protection for the ‘Synchronized Placement of Surgical Implant Hardware’ patent. There seems to be a persistent and rising demand for fresher approaches to solving this issue as we continue to analyze the surgical landscape. We will be proactively seeking ways to monetize this patent and related family through sale, licensing or by leveraging our networks to work with an established startup company.”

About IX Innovation
IX Innovation is a portfolio company of IntuitiveX functioning as an internal IP creation and monetization engine which, through its internal collections of world renowned medical professionals, IP experts and patent attorneys, aims to be on the leading edge of medical innovation, as such, the issuance of the new patent is the first of many opportunities to help spearhead and catalyze breakthroughs within the surgical arena. The company anticipates many more patent issuances over the coming weeks and months.

About IntuitiveX
IntuitiveX is a Medical Innovation Incubator and Consultancy with deep expertise in the development and commercialization of emerging technology companies within the Healthcare and Life Sciences. As intellectual property and commercialization experts, IntuitiveX specializes in creating healthcare enterprises, adopting new technologies, and developing early-stage healthcare startups. From ideation to commercialization, IntuitiveX’s team of life science and healthcare entrepreneurs, practitioners, and investors combine 100+ years of experience to accelerate successful medical innovation in biotech, pharma, digital health and medical devices.

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Simon Robinson
Managing Partner of IX Innovation