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IntuitiveX, WSMA, & US China innovation alliance host Covid-19 Technology Innovation Summit

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IntuitiveX, Washington State Medical Association, and US China Innovation Alliance bring together thousands of people for COVID-19 Technology Innovation Summit
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2020 / -- IntuitiveXWashington State Medical Association, and US China Innovation Alliance are bringing together thousands of interested life science innovators, professionals, physicians, entrepreneurs, and investors together to attend the COVID-19 Technology Innovation Summit.

The purpose of the event is to bring together a global audience to discuss the recent innovations tackling the COVID-19 pandemic while providing an update on the current COVID-19 outbreak.

“As the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S., Seattle, Washington serves as ground zero for this unprecedented national healthcare crisis. IntuitiveX, Washington State Medical Association, and U.S. China Innovation Alliance are partnering to host the first online COVID-19 Technology Innovation Summit to help facilitate the most up-to-date information from experts on the front lines and to feature innovative companies developing cutting-edge solutions to help combat this global pandemic.” Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX.

We will be joined by experts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Washington State's Department of Health, the City of Seattle, Microsoft Healthcare, and early-stage COVID-19-related startups in an effort to share the innovative ways that Washington State—the epicenter of the U.S. viral outbreak—is taking action to solve COVID-19, one patient at a time.

For-profit companies ranging from startups to established multinational corporations and public health agencies ranging from local, regional, state and federal governments will be providing unique insights into how they are tackling the problem within their organizations and paving the way for innovative thinking to tackle the problems within their communities.

"No one would argue that today, we live in highly uncertain and historically unprecedented times. The worldwide effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic have permanently changed our lives forever. But it’s through challenging moments like these that we, as a society, are faced with a choice to either act passively and do nothing, or actively rally together to overcome the most critical healthcare crisis that our generation has faced in our lifetime." Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX.

The Agenda

4:00 PM: Global Healthcare Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic -- Jeff Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX
4:05 PM: COVID-19 Impact on U.S. Economy -- Jun Hong, CFO & Strategist of IntuitiveX
4:10 PM: Q&A Panel

Public Health Agency Perspective

4:20 PM: Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) -- Diana Yassanye, Public-Private Partnerships
4:25 PM: Washington State Department of Health -- Lacy Fehrenbach, MPH, CPH, Assistant Secretary, Prevention and Community Health
4:30 PM: King County -- Executive Dow Constantine
4:35 PM: City of Seattle -- Micheal Fong, Deputy Mayor of Seattle
4:40 PM: Evergreen Health (location of the first reported case of COVID-19 in Washington) -- Ettore Palazzo, CMO of Evergreen Health
4:45 PM: Q&A Panel

Corporation Perspective

4:55 PM: Microsoft Healthcare -- Desney Tan, Managing Director of Microsoft Healthcare & Chief Technologist at IntuitiveX
5:00 PM: Outdoor Research -- Jason Duncan, VP of Tactical & Innovation of Outdoor Research
5:05 PM: Swedish Hospital -- Jason Goldman, MD, MPH, Infectious Diseases, Swedish Hospital
5:10 PM: Q&A Panel

Startup Innovators

5:20 PM: Transpara Health -- Susie Kataoka, CEO
5:25 PM: Arc Health -- Nirav Shah and Ajay Gupta, Co-Founders
5:30 PM: Kinaptic -- Joseph Curcio, COO
5:35 PM: Redoxagen -- Craig Fryar, President & CEO, Torquin, LLC
5:40 PM: Pinpoint Sciences -- Lisa Diamond, CEO
5:45 PM: Q&A Panel

5:55 PM: Closing Remarks & Announcements -- Jeff Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX

The online, virtual summit will be held via a zoom conference - , and will be organized by IntuitiveX, Washington State Medical Association (WSMA), and the US China Innovation Alliance.

About: IntuitiveX is a life science consulting firm and incubator. With a team comprised of life science entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators, they bring a combined 100+ years of experience in R&D, Clinical, Surgical, IP Strategy, Prototyping, Product Development, and Commercialization. They catalyze medical innovation by removing the complexities, cost barriers, and time sensitivities related to introducing new products into the market. From initial concept to final commercialization, IntuitiveX has the in-house knowledge and network to meet the unique needs of the most innovative life science companies in the world. We’ve currently incubated more than 12+ portfolio companies and are always in search of more.


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