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KVTN: IntuitiveX spearheads joint venture between Circulex & Kinaptic LLC to fight deep vein thrombosis

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2020 / -- Connecticut based wearable device company KinAptic LLC announces today that it has completed a joint venture with Seattle based wearable device company CirculeX to form KinAptic Inc. KinAptic Inc. will bring the assets, capabilities, and knowledge of both companies together to jointly develop wearable electronics for deep vein thrombosis.
“The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the adoption of digital healthcare solutions around the world. Many hospitalized patients that battle the virus end up with life threatening clots forming in their deep veins. Our joint venture’s focus is on the near term release of our DVT prevention and remote patient monitoring product, and positioning our technology as the healthcare provider's go-to adjunct medical device for in-home and at-hospital use.” John Daniels, CEO of KinAptic Inc."
KinAptic’s solution is a wearable electronic smart garment utilizing neuromuscular electrical stimulation paired with a smartphone application that reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. The solution is convenient, affordable, and mobile when compared with existing Pneumatic Pressure Cuff systems. The smart application will also allow for remote patient monitoring when integrated with telemedicine systems.
“Our bodies were designed through evolution to squeeze the deep veins by the actuation of our calf muscles simply by walking around. This muscle pump action returns the blood against the force of gravity from the lower legs to the heart.” says John Daniels, CEO of KinAptic Inc. “Wearable electronics activates the body’s own electrical and mechanical system to discharge blood through the deep veins and prevent thrombosis. Our vision is to become the standard of care within the next three to five years in hospitals and at home for the prevention and monitoring of deep vein thrombosis.”
With the close of the joint venture, KinAptic Inc. The company is pleased to announce that serial entrepreneur, spine surgeon, and IntuitiveX CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Roh, has joined the Board of Directors. He is joined by co-founders Simon Robinson, John Daniels, Joseph Curcio, and Mark Day on the Board.
KinAptic Inc. serves as an active portfolio company of IntuitiveX, a premier leading life science technology incubator and consultancy.
IntuitiveX manages the creation of the joint venture and will continue to work with KinAptic Inc. to bring these products to the market as a portfolio company. For more information about KinAptic Inc., please e-mail

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