Life sciences incubator and consultancy, IntuitiveX, catalyses medical innovation

IntuitiveX was built out of a collective vision to radically impact life science innovation.
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We know firsthand that it takes grit, vision and an innate resilience to brave the ideation process and build a roadmap to commercialization, but due to current systems unique to the life sciences, the innovation process is incredibly complex, costly and time-intensive. This creates a huge barrier to entry into an industry that is not only ripe for innovation, but also impacts lives around the world. And very few incubators and resources are available to life science inventors to address this complex and costly problem. We, ourselves, have worked in this space as life innovators, patent attorneys, strategists, surgeons, investors, and consultants.
Now, you can finally find us all under the same roof at IntuitiveX.
Since our inception, we’ve provided inventors, entrepreneurs and startup companies a full spectrum of services including:
  • Original incubation of a life science idea
  • Execution of IP strategy
  • Prototype testing, validation, and development
  • Financing and capital fundraising
  • Commercialization of ideas into successful products and services
IntuitiveX is not simply another incubator. Combined, we have decades of experience rolling up our sleeves and acting as a start-to-finish resource to other life science innovators. We are dedicated to a customized and cross-disciplinary approach for each of our partners, including the original creation and incubation of the idea, prototyping and development, to eventual funding and commercialization.
By working together, we believe that we can exponentially increase the ability for every idea to come to life.