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IntuitiveX and NavLab co-create robotics IP family to improve existing surgical robotics solutions within the life sciences space

SEATTLE, Nov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- IntuitiveX (IX), a Seattle-based life sciences consultancy and incubator, collaborates with NavLab to create more IP in the surgical robotics space.
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NavLab, a portfolio company of IntuitiveX, has built a large IP portfolio comprising of new surgical robotics patents. Recently, with support from legendary inventor John Cronin, they have received another patent issuance that has extensive claims on how surgical robots will learn via machine-learning and neural networks. Claims in the patent key in on how surgeons will teach the robot at each step of any surgical procedure. 
"We conducted a series of white space analysis and IP landscaping to determine and maximize the patent coverage for this new robotics patent," said Simon Robinson, Chief IP Officer of IntuitiveX. "In an industry where technology moves quickly it is never a good idea to have an application pending for years. By filing in less than a year, the IX team proved critical here." 
Surgical robots are enhancing surgical procedures by allowing for more precise and reproducible results for patients and empowering less invasive surgical techniques. The surgical workflow when using a robot involves software for planning and performing parts of a surgical procedure. This software will advance to improve safety, efficiency, and outcomes for patients using algorithms, neural networks, and machine-learning. Over time, as surgeons utilize the surgical robots, accompanying software will become smarter to further improve surgery.
"At this time, we're recognizing that several surgical workflow systems have been introduced and new robots are entering the space in various subspecialties like general surgery, orthopedic surgery and ENT. This new patent issuance, ensures that ultimately surgeons who utilize robots are the best teacher for these systems to help improve surgical workflow," said Justin Esterberg, CEO of NavLab 
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