King County Medical Society - Interview with CEO of IntuitiveX, Jeffrey Roh

Take a listen to Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX, interview with KCMS as he discusses the remarkable work IntuitiveX does for life science innovators.

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“We live in exciting times. The Puget Sound area is without a doubt, one of the best places to be an entrepreneur.” - Jim Valley
Jim Valley, a healthcare professional, sat down with Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX, to discuss a better way to commercialize new innovations in healthcare on DocTalks, the official podcast of the King County Medical Society.

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Perhaps you've noticed fewer advancements in your work life than in other fields. Maybe you have an idea for an innovative new health care product or service that could improve the lives of patients. But you don't want to try because you think the barriers are too daunting. You don't feel like you have the skills to bring it to the marketplace or you simply just don't have the time. The King County Medical Society is very proud to partner with Seattle startup Intuitive X to bring you the first annual HealthTech Summit 2019.
Health care professionals of the Puget Sound are coming together on November 20th to improve the ecosystem. There've been some incredible advancements, but perhaps now is the time for even greater innovation. Jeffrey Roh is the CEO of Intuitive X, a former spine surgeon who built the Intuitive X incubator for healthcare startups with a focus on life sciences. Jeffrey Roh joins us now to talk about the summit, the impressive keynote speaker, the challenges facing an entrepreneur in life sciences and how literally any idea can change lives for the better.
Health Tech Summit - Paging The Entrepreneur Within
Time and Location - Wednesday, November 20th. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m..
Impact Hub in Pioneer Square. 220 Second Avenue, Seattle. Tickets are free.

About IntuitiveX
IntuitiveX is a Seattle-based life science consulting firm and incubator. With a team comprised of life science entrepreneurs, physicians, investors, and innovators, we bring a combined 100+ years of experience in R&D, Clinical, IP Strategy, Prototyping, Product Development, and Commercialization. We catalyze medical innovation by identifying novel and timely ideas and applying our resources to make them possible. From initial concept to final commercialization, IntuitiveX has the in-house knowledge and network to meet the unique needs of the most innovative life science companies in the world. www.intuitive-x.com
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