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IntuitiveX welcomes John Cronin as board member to strengthen IP & commercialization efforts

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2021 / -- IntuitiveX, a medtech & life sciences catalyst and innovation partner, welcomes John Cronin, Managing Director and Chairman of ipCapital Group (an intellectual property consulting firm) as a new Board Member. Leveraging his extensive IP background, Cronin has worked with over 1,200 companies and approximately 15% of Fortune 500, hundreds of mid-size companies and hundreds of startups and governmental laboratories. Prior to forming ipCG, Mr. Cronin spent over 17 years at IBM and became its top inventor with over 100 patents and 150 patent publications.

As a company that possesses strong roots and deep knowhow within intellectual property, IntuitiveX continues to remain highly sought after for its IP and commercialization expertise. Led by Mark Han, who formerly managed all aspects of prosecution and asset maintenance for one of the world’s largest patent portfolios, with more than 30,000 assets, and over $6 billion in investor capital, and Simon Robinson, who has completed over 150 transactions including several high profile $20M+ deals with Fortune 500 companies, IntuitiveX has a rich history of success within medtech and life science IP innovations. The addition of John Cronin aligns with IX’s mission to discover and unlock breakthrough ideas no matter where they come from.
"In the world of intellectual property innovation, there is really no one as skilled and accomplished as John Cronin." says Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX. "When he was at IBM, John was credited as the creator of the IBM Patent Factory and established one of the largest patent portfolios in the world. With the addition of John to our board, we’re confident that he will help IntuitiveX develop one of the largest life science IP portfolios in the world."
Cronin will join the firm’s growing efforts in IP commercialization. “IP development and monetization efforts within the medical field is a combination of great inventive minds working together to create new directions but at the same time to be able to do this in a way the market will quickly use the new directions. I am happy to contribute to help direct the business in the highest quality and most market driven inventions.” says John Cronin. "IP is the life blood of the medical industry, its currency. I have worked for 25 years in monetization of IP and medical devices stand alone and unique as a pull marketplace. I am happy to be a part of this as an advisor.” He notes, "IntuitiveX is positioned with real working knowledge of the market needs, with real doctors doing surgery every day. Those problems are categorized and then fed into a proprietary process for inventing. Then, IntuitiveX has high skills in monetization and the resultant IP formed."
About IntuitiveX
IntuitiveX is a life sciences catalyst and innovation partner that specializes in intellectual property and growing life sciences companies no matter what stage they are in across medical devices, biotech, pharma, and digital health. With a team of IP experts, physicians, scientists, technologists, engineers, designers, and investors, we bring a combined 100+ years of experience supporting startups from ideation to commercialization. As IP & commercialization experts, we discover and unlock the potential of breakthrough ideas by applying our extensive network and resources to make them possible.