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IntuitiveX proves success of early stage life sciences commercialization model

SEATTLE, WA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — IntuitiveX, a premier medtech and life sciences innovation partner and catalyst, demonstrates success of its differentiated model for commercializing early stage startups..
After recognizing pain points unique to the life sciences, serial entrepreneur, investor, and physician Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX, discovered a proprietary methodology and model for catalyzing life sciences startups which has become the cornerstone of IntuitiveX. The methodology and model offer a way to assess the current and future growth potential of early stage life sciences startups while providing a one-stop shop approach to solving these unique growth challenges via consultancy and incubation.
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“After repeatedly going through the life sciences maze of innovation as investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators, IntuitiveX has been able to better understand how to efficiently navigate through the complexities of early stage life sciences commercialization. We’ve observed that the more we repeat the maze of testing and validating the model with our clients, the more we iterate on our approach, and the more long-term value we create.” said Dr. Jeffrey Roh, CEO of IntuitiveX.
Since its inception, IntuitiveX has generated millions in value for its investors, portfolio companies, and shareholders and has realized noteworthy portfolio company successes. To name a few, recently AltPep, a Seattle-based biotech startup tackling amyloid protein disorders including Alzheimer’s Disease, raised $23M in series A financing. CarlsMed, leveraging machine learning technologies and prior outcomes data to personalize the treatment for complex adult spinal deformities, has raised $12.6M in funding and recently was granted breakthrough device designation by the FDA. NavLab, a medical IP holding company, generated an IRR of 181% and has a history of creating and selling novel medical device IP assets within the surgical robotics & AI/ML space. Amplify Surgical, developer of a dual expanding interbody fusion system, has surpassed more than 800+ surgical cases and Auctus Surgical, developer of technologies focused on non-fusion scoliosis correction, recently was awarded Best Technology In Spine by OrthopedicThisWeek, a prestigious orthopedic publication. In aggregate, IntuitiveX’s overall portfolio company growth has been staggering, not including the value it has provided for its service clients.
Within a few years, IntuitiveX has been assisting life sciences companies in the following ways: fast-tracking & co-inventing new IP, supporting international commercialization within the U.S., scaling portfolio companies by oversubscribing on seed and Series A rounds across digital health, medtech, pharma, & biotech, opening access into a pipeline of early-stage companies, spearheading FDA servicing, IP commercialization, IP acquisition, business development, joint venture development, mergers, and staffing, and hosting exclusive life sciences events.
“We see great ideas and products ultimately fall short of success because they either do not fully prepare for commercial challenges ahead or they approach hurdles to commercialization in a piecemeal manner. Lack of coordination and integration (e.g. regulatory approval fragmented from IP, product validation devoid of clinical and strategic KOL buy-in, etc.) leads to inefficiencies, gaps, and delays in successful commercialization.” Amy Chen, VP of Client Services.
The IntuitiveX approach assesses key success factors when building a roadmap to commercialization. These vital ingredients are aggregated from their collective experience in launching life science endeavors and prioritized in a balanced approach to business, intellectual property (IP), clinical, and scientific aspects of a strong and de-risked startup company. Utilizing a closed incubation model and a one-stop shop consultancy model, startups are able to get holistic support in the validation, strategy, and execution needed to bring life sciences products to market.
About IntuitiveX
IntuitiveX is a premier life science consulting firm and incubator based in Seattle, Washington that specializes in growing early-stage life science startups and supporting international companies seeking commercialization within the U.S. across medical devices, biotech, Pharma, and digital health. With a team of life science entrepreneurs, physicians, investors, and innovators, we bring a combined 100+ years of experience supporting startups from ideation to commercialization.